Going, going, Octagon

Published on 23 November 2019

A couple of good away wins for Rotherham sides this week. Monday's B-team visit to SASCA saw Chris, Phil and Mick Snowdon win their games. Andy Baxter's top-board draw against CM Jonathan Arnott proved decisive in securing us a 3½–2½ victory.

Later in the week, Sheffield's Octagon Centre played host to an epic battle of human intellect. I refer not, of course, to the Question Time election debate, but to the A team's clash with Sheffield University. The match began in rather interesting conditions, with the toe-tapping sounds of a Little Shop of Horrors rehearsal emanating from the adjacent room.

The games became more complicated, and at some point—almost unnoticed—the music stopped. Silence reigned, punctuated only by the familiar sighs and exhalations—at least until 9:15, when the facilities manager arrived at the door and told us we had to be out of the building in 10 minutes!

This unexpected turn of events was greeted with good humour by the assembled players, and we decamped to the Students' Union next door to finish the match, where Rotherham A eventually ran out as comfortable 5–1 winners.